100 portrait sessions in 2 hours?

That's what happened at the annual year end party for the employees of Gerdau-Ameristeel. Read on to find out how.

The company wanted to give everyone who came to the party a nice portrait. I set up my lights in a room off of the main banquet hall and started cranking people through. By the time the event was over 133 couples had passed in front of my camera. The vast majority of them came in the first two hours and each of them got 2-3 different poses.

How did it work? As people came into the room they entered their name and email address into a log and they were assigned a number. When it was their turn in front of the lights the first photo was of them holding up thier number. This index shot gave us a way to tie the photo back to their name. A piece of tape on the floor indicated where they should stand. While waiting they got to see several other couples go through the poses so everyone knew what to expect when it was thier turn. When it was over, they took their number with them because it also explained where to go online to choose thier free print.

Janet Grams created the number system, Shannan Thompson helped sign people in, I said "smile" and pushed the shutter button a lot!

concord photographer