The top 1%

Building a new website gives me a good reason to go back through the photos I've taken over the last year to update all of my portfolios. This week I've been going through 5000+ wedding pictures taken in 2008. Of those, only about 50 will make it into the web gallery on this site.

I've also discovered some interesting things about myself in this process. I shoot about 150 photos an hour when I am covering a wedding. About half of those get presented to the couple. A wedding typically includes 4-5 hours of coverage. That means I'm probably going to take over 600 exposures and after processing them I'll have more than 300 photos for the bride and groom to choose from.

What does that all that mean? When you look at my new wedding gallery it's the top 1% of my photos. A typical set of finished photos for one wedding will include more than six times as many photos.

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