It's you but just a little bit better!

For almost as long as people have been making photographs, people have been touching them up. We used to use airbrushing to cover up imperfections but today it's all done in the computer. Here's a photo from a shoot I did Saturday morning before and after retouching.

As you can see India was a lovely model to begin with but even a model's photo can benefit from a little retouching. I cloned out some imperfections in the skin, lessened the appearance of lines and pores, and boosted the color in her eyes.

I want your friends and family to look at your photo and say, "wow, that's a really good picture of you." I've not done my job well if they say, "what a great retouch job!" Or worse, "who is that?"

Retouching is included with any print larger than 8x10. It is available for smaller prints and digital files by special request.

Want to see some extreme examples of photo retouching? Check out California-based retouch artist Greg Apodaca

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