Testing print fulfillment services

One major issue in the life of a photography business is finding a company to provide prints of the photos. I've done a lot of research and here are the things I'm looking for in a print company.

1) Print Quality
The quality of the printed product is paramount. What kind of paper are they using? What's the print process? Does the color of the print match the color I see on my screen when I'm processing the photos?

2) Online Ordering
Usability is the next major point. The online ordering system has to give you a good preview of the image and shopping cart system has to be dead simple.

3) Product Options
My customers don't just want prints. They want everything from digital downloads to gallery wraps.

4) Reliability
I'm comparing online reviews with my own tests to find out who I can count for outstanding customer service and on-time delivery. I'm looking for a company whose reputation is confirmed by own ordering exerience.

So with all that in mind, who are my front runners? Currently I'm testing Smugmug, Zenfolio and Pictage. You'll know when I've made up my mind when the new "clients" section of site goes online.

concord photographer