About Greg

I love the Charlotte area. I was born in Germany on an American military base, but my earliest memories are of growing up in Harrisburg, NC. Now I've made my home on the Mt. Pleasant side of Concord. I'm a graduate of Central Cabarrus High School (voted "most artistic" by the class of 1991). I studied art education at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

I'm the kind of person who is always looking for a creative outlet. As I look around my office I see sketchbooks, drums, guitars... and a lot of camera gear.

For me, the first part of taking great pictures is knowing your subject. I take a very relational approach with my clients that comes from 12 years of experience in ministry as a youth leader and church deacon. A lot of people don't like having their picture taken, but I believe that if you feel comfortable around me maybe you won't mind my camera so much either. That's one of the reasons why my wedding package includes an engagement portrait session and coverage of the wedding rehearsal at no additional cost.

I see my camera as a tool that I use to gather the raw material I need to create art. A well captured photograph is a starting point. Once I have the photo up on my computer screen, another part of the creative process begins as I tweak the colors, manipulate the light, and fix imperfections. I had a successful career as a graphic designer for more than a decade where I acquired technical expertise with the software tools that help turn good photos into really great photos. It also helps me on commercial shoots because I know exactly what designers need from their photographs.

My style is realistic. The camera captures a moment in time. It represents some memory the very instant that it's taken. Our fondest memories are usually somewhat idealized versions of what really happened. That's what I want my photos to be as well. The people are just little more perfect, the colors are just a little more vivid, and that's exactly the way you want to remember them.

My name is Greg Mills. May I take your picture?

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