Wedding photography is all about storytelling. It is the story of family and friends coming together to celebrate a couple's love and the beginning of their lives together. There are very few moments in life that have this kind of emotional significance, and it's been my honor to be able to capture it in photos.

Choosing the right photographer for your wedding can be a bit stressful. Their prices vary wildly, and trying to compare photo packages is nearly impossible. That's why one of my goals is to help take the stress out of that decision for you.

  • Check Out the Gallery
    The first thing you should do is take a look at a photographer's wedding photo portfolio or gallery. The quality and consistency of a photographer's work is a major determining factor in how much they should be charging you. No photographer is a bargain if you don't like their photos. However, if their pictures are beautiful, those captured memories are a value at any price.
  • Our First Shoot
    We're going to start by setting up an engagement portrait session right away. It gives you and me a chance to get to know each other. You'll get to see me at work taking your photos, and you'll get to judge the quality of my work in the finished images.
  • The Day Before the BIG day
    The next time you're going to see me will be at your wedding rehearsal. This is another area that sets me apart from other professional photographers. The rehearsal gives me a chance to meet your family and the members of your wedding party. I'll get to see you walk through your ceremony and pick up any special instructions that I may need from the minister or officiant.
  • Complete Coverage on Your Wedding Day
    I never book more than one wedding on the same day, so you might as well have me for the entire thing. I'll usually start wherever the bride is getting ready. Then, I'll move to the location of the wedding. I'll shoot the preparations being made there, the ceremony and the formal portraits. After that, I'll move to the reception to cover all of the major festivities there.
  • Get the Prints You Want in the Sizes You Want
    You can forget about those confusing photo packages. I don't have any. I charge you for my time to take the pictures and prepare the files for printing. I'll set up an online gallery where you can order exactly the number of prints you want in whatever sizes you would like. I use one of the country's most respected labs for my prints, and I give them to you at my wholesale cost and way below the rates of my competitors.

Your wedding day is your "happily ever after" moment. On that day you will begin your lives together, and I would like for it to be the beginning of my role as your life's photo historian. My goal is that you will so love your wedding photos that we'll see each other again and again for portrait sessions as your family grows through the years.

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